Where will you go?

Are you a Canadian between the ages of 18-28 looking for a unique opportunity to serve Jesus by volunteering internationally?
Become an ENGAGE international volunteer!
ENGAGE is Youth for Christ Canada’s international volunteer program. We are committed to equipping and encouraging young leaders from Canada to join with our international YFC family. As a volunteer, you will serve for 3-12 months with full-time missionaries who are part of YFC ministries around the world. As part of the ENGAGE ministry, you will receive the training and support you need for a meaningful volunteer placement.

Internationally, Youth for Christ reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus. These followers are characterised by godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, boldness in evangelism and commitment to social involvement. 

Our goal as the ENGAGE Team is to facilitate a meaningful placement for the volunteer, the host country, and the local youth. To us, a meaningful placement leads to intentional growth in the way the volunteer sees themselves, others, and God. For the host country, it is encouraging to welcome a volunteer to support their ongoing ministry as well as the development of a mutual long term partnership between YFC nations. As a result of the volunteer’s support of the local ministry, youth are given the opportunity to become lifelong followers of Jesus.


Are you interested in coming to Canada as an international volunteer?

Are you from outside Canada and interested in serving with a YFC ministry in Canada? Please get in touch by filling out this form.

Are you a Canadian YFC Chapter interested in hosting an international volunteer?

As a Canadian Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited chapter, you have two options for hosting an international volunteer, through the ENGAGE Program or on your own.
YFC Canada’s ENGAGE International Volunteer program is fully equipped to seek out, interview, train, and supervise incoming international volunteers to be placed in Canadian chapters. For the duration of their preparation and placement, the ENGAGE Program Coordinator would work with you to ensure the best possible assignment to benefit both the volunteer and your chapter.
Prepare volunteer job description Contact vetted YFC chapter(s) internationally to search for potential volunteer candidate
Approve candidate Interview and suggest candidate to chapter
Find local host family Arrange all travel and placement details; including YFC Canada onboarding documents, visas, insurance, fundraising, cultural training, etc.
Co-supervise volunteer during their placement Co-supervise volunteer during their placement
Care for volunteer while in Canada Regularly check in with volunteer during their placement.
Prepare volunteer for return to their home country.

Whether you have an existing international partnership or are bringing over an international volunteer for the first time, if you choose not to go through the ENGAGE Program you are assuming 100% responsibility for the international volunteer. YFC Canada is unable to assume responsibility for their selection, training, visa, travel insurance, placement, success, or failures. The ENGAGE Program Coordinator is able to provide some advice on visas, international partnerships, and/or cultural training if requested.

If your chapter is hosting or planning to host an international volunteer, please contact us so that YFC Canada is aware of who is in the country and where they are serving.

No outgoing young Canadians should volunteer with an international YFC chapter without going through the ENGAGE Program.

Please contact engage@yfccanada.org for more information.


Youth for Christ ministries exist in 100+ countries around the world. Where you serve as a YFC Canada international volunteer depends on your skills, experience, interests, where you are drawn to, as well as current opportunities available. Previous ENGAGE International Volunteer placements have been in the United Kingdom, the Gambia, El Salvador, Lebanon, Ukraine, New Zealand, Botswana, Argentina, Colombia, Burundi, Slovakia, Brazil, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland.  Where will you go?

Available Placements for 2021

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Interested in one of these opportunities or in a country/ministry not on this list?

Get in touch by filling out this Expression of Interest Form.


Where could I go?

YFC ministries exist in 100+ countries around the world.  Where you serve as a YFC Canada international volunteer depends on your skills, experience, interests, where you are drawn to, as well as current opportunities available. The ENGAGE Team will consider all of these factors and suggest a placement that is the best fit.

What might my role look like?

There are a large variety of YFC ministries around the world, all with the ultimate goal to serve youth. Each YFC ministry has the freedom to decide what this practically looks like in their own context, and therefore the specifics of your role will depend on the ministry itself.

Each ENGAGE placement is 100% custom and individually designed for you. We will work to find a placement that suits both you and the host country entirely. Get in touch to find out more about what you could do!

Previous ENGAGE participants have: taught English in Ukraine, worked with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, run day camps in Brazil, hosted after-school programs for children in Romania, filmed videos in Cyprus, and volunteered in hospitals in The Gambia; what will you do?

Will I be alone?

While you will likely be the only volunteer from Canada in your placement, you will be joining a team! You will also have an in-country supervisor who will assist with things such as your living arrangements and volunteer tasks. Your host family, supervisor, and YFC ministry team in your placement country will be excited to have you join them. You will also have the support of the ENGAGE Team for the entire duration of your placement and will have regular contact with them.

Will I need to raise money?

All ENGAGE participants are required to raise 100% of the financial support required for their placement. This amount will vary based on your placement country and the length of your placement.  Training and resources will be provided to help you as you raise support.

A $200 non-refundable application fee is required as part of your application.

What kind of training and support will I receive?

ENGAGE participants will have approximately 12 weeks of short online training assignments before their departure, to help them prepare for their placement. The ENGAGE Team will secure your in-country living arrangements, assist you in applying for a visa, and arrange other practical details of travel. The ENGAGE Team will continue to mentor, support, and supervise you for the duration of your placement.

Is ENGAGE only for Canadians looking to volunteer overseas?

Are you interested in coming to Canada as an ENGAGE International Volunteer with YFC? We’d love to connect with you! Get in touch by filling out this form! Please keep in mind that individuals looking to come to Canada as an international volunteer are encouraged to first be connected to a local YFC chapter in their own country.

Do I have to know/learn another language?

There are many countries that you can go to where English is commonly spoken and we usually recommend this for placements that are less than 6 months long. However, if you are interested in going to a country where English is not the first language, your knowledge of English is a very valuable skill that you can share with others and a great opportunity for you to learn as well. If you already speak another language (such as French or Spanish), we can also look for a placement location where this language is spoken. Is there a country you’re interested in?

Do I have to know where I want to go?

All you need to start is an interest in volunteering internationally with YFC! From there, starting points can be a country or a ministry (for example: “I want serve in Colombia” or “I want to volunteer with a sports ministry”), but it’s okay if you’re not quite sure. Our ENGAGE Team will help you find your perfect placement.

What does ENGAGE do to be culturally and socially responsible?

All Youth for Christ ministries (in Canada and worldwide) have the independence and authority to create programs that are suited to the local culture and the needs of their local community. ENGAGE volunteers receive cultural awareness training and are encouraged to prioritize both listening and learning over teaching. ENGAGE volunteers become part of a team of local staff who are involved from the beginning to ensure that the placement is beneficial for all parties. The ENGAGE volunteer will have two supervisors for the duration of their placement – one from the ENGAGE team and one local YFC staff. It is our goal to build lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships between YFC ministries.

INTERESTED? Complete this Expression of Interest Form to start your journey.


I was in the Canadian Army for almost 8 years, and during that time I had opportunity to travel with Youth For Christ to El Salvador on a Project Serve Mission Trip in 2012. It was only two weeks, during my vacation time in the summer. The trip completely changed my life, and I knew that God was calling me to be a missionary there someday. In February 2016 I finally left the military, and in July of that same year I went to El Salvador to serve as an international volunteer with the ENGAGE Program. My first term was 10 months, and it was one of the best years of my life. I fell in love with the country of El Salvador and missions. I was able to reach out to youth in schools, orphanage, communities, and churches. I led worship in so many diverse places and situations (I sing and play guitar), and I also taught English classes. I helped progress YFC in El Salvador and I had the opportunity to help other ministries as well. My term with ENGAGE finished in 2017, and I transitioned into official staff with YFC Canada, as a Long-Term Missionary. I now serve in El Salvador as the National Pioneer Coordinator. I have been an official missionary for just over a year, and I love it. It has many challenges, trying to pioneer YFC in a foreign nation, but I wouldn't change it for anything! Looking back at my journey, it is so amazing to see how God knew exactly what He was doing and how He accomplished His plan all in the right timing. I would not be where I am today without God (obviously), but also YFC! YFC has been such a huge part of my Military to Missionary journey, and the people of YFC have believed in me and helped me through the adventure every step of the way.

Vanessa BENGAGE Volunteer in El Salvador from June 2016 - May 2017; serving with high school programs, music, teaching English, and helping to develop the ministry of YFC in El Salvador. Vanessa is a full time missionary, leading the ministry of YFC in El Salvador.

ENGAGE has been a great opportunity to develop who I am, there have been moments of self discovery too, but so far the greatest part for me has been developing and using the skills I already had in new and challenging ways, its forcing me to learn and grow and try new things!

Jeff G.Volunteer in Cyprus from September 2018 – June 2019; serving with drop in programs, coffee shop ministry, music, and videography projects.

I’ve felt a call on my life to become a missionary since I can remember and finally – through YFC’s ENGAGE Program – I’m going on my first missions trip! I want to change the lives of young people by being there for them, guiding them and showing them the love of Jesus.

Katie Y.ENGAGE Volunteer in Ireland from February 2019 – May 2019; serving with high school programs, drop in programs, and youth camps.

[I’ve learned that God] knows what I’m supposed to do, when I’m supposed to do it, and how it’s supposed to happen… So I think I’ve become more patient; I’m trying to give Him more control… Trusting that He knows more and that His plan is way better. [Also] He’s shown me that everyone, every person, is extremely important to Him.

Nicole C.ENGAGE Volunteer in Ukraine from April 2018 – December 2018; serving at day camps, after-school programs, and summer camps, as well as teaching English.

I discovered Engage when I was looking for somewhere to connect one of my volunteers to help her grow as a Christian leader and be challenged in her life, faith and ministry. Nicole and I were both praying for God to show up in a real and large way in her life and direct her to what was next, so when we learned about the Engage program we both began praying intentionally over it. Soon after, it became fairly clear to us that this was where God was leading her and so after bringing on a few others to pray and receiving more confirmation we began the process of entering Nicole into the program. It was a difficult process for her, however it only proved to strengthen her trust and faith in God. And once she finally made it to her destination we both knew this was exactly where she was meant to be. Nicole instantly fell in love with the nation of Ukraine and the people, and I knew she was going to be changed, challenged and transformed. And knowing that she is connecting on a global scale with our YFC community is exciting for me. During her life, one thing Nicole has always struggled with is a speech impediment and I knew that she was nervous to be somewhere where language would be even more of a challenge, but despite her fears and reservations she has thrived there. Hearing her updates each time we talk I am reminded again how much God has done in her life and through her and how very clearly He has shown her that He has a plan for her. The Engage program has given Nicole a chance to expand beyond herself and her comfort zone, while being encouraged and mentored along the way. I am so grateful that she found this program and has the opportunities it has provided her with.

Kelly C.Program Director with Highlands Youth for Christ

We love volunteers! We have volunteers coming in… and because of the contribution of volunteers we are able to impact communities in The Gambia. Kids are getting educated who would otherwise not have been going to school, [and] young people in the schools are doing better because of the contribution from the volunteers... We had this volunteer come in from Canada… helping these young people to speak good English and to write good English. Today some of those young people are working in key offices, in fact we are going to bring one of those [young people] to come and serve in the Youth for Christ office. The impact has been huge… Great things have happened because of the contribution of volunteers and we want to be very thankful! So right now I am saying thank you to YFC Canada and all the volunteers that have come in through YFC Canada to help with our projects… We are able to impact our community because of the contribution of YFC Canada in The Gambia.

Seal J.National Director of Youth for Christ The Gambia; ENGAGE Volunteer currently planning to serve in The Gambia from January 2020 – March 2020 in an elementary school, church, and local clinic.


If you are interested in learning more about the ENGAGE Program, or want to begin the application process, please complete this Expression of Interest Form.

After we have received your Expression of Interest Form, the ENGAGE Program Coordinator will contact you. At that point, we would love to meet with you in person, by phone, or by Skype to discuss details of the program, brainstorm potential placements, and answer any of your questions.

At that time, if you decide you would like to participate in the ENGAGE program and there is an open position available, then you can begin the application process. This application process includes an extended application form, three references, a $200 non-refundable application fee, and an interview with the ENGAGE Program Coordinator. The ENGAGE Program Coordinator will provide this application form to you only after you submit this Expression of Interest Form. Submitting an application does not guarantee your acceptance into the ENGAGE program.

Ashley Stromenberg

ENGAGE Program Coordinator

Ashley will be with you every step of the way through the ENGAGE Program. From helping you discover what your custom ENGAGE placement could look like, to helping you raise financial support, booking your flights, Skype-ing you during your placement, and guiding you through the readjustment process when you return, Ashley serves as your coach, supervisor, and problem solver. Her favourite part of Youth For Christ is the incredible international community, and she is hoping to send ENGAGE volunteers to both Romania and Colombia in 2020. IS THAT YOU? GET IN TOUCH TODAY to find out what your ENGAGE placement could look like.

Renée Therrien


Renée is your coach, mentor, cheerleader and prayer champ through the whole ENGAGE process. From acceptance into the ENGAGE Program until after your flight home, her goal is to make sure you are prepared and equipped financially, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually for the duration of your placement. Renée’s favourite part of ENGAGE is working with enthusiastic young people and amazing host ministries from around the world and living vicariously through our volunteers. Through her local mission work with Youth for Christ she lives out her passion for walking alongside hurting teens and loves to see them find hope and healing in Jesus. Renée is an artist, is married to Everett and has two pugs named Munchkin and Indi, and loves visiting her friends in Malawi.

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